Group Company

Aslan Medical

Aslan Medical is an international distributor, import export manufacturer and project developer...

Pedia Pals

Pedia Pals manufactures pediatric clinic supplies in shapes of animals and tables in the shapes of Zoo animals...


We design, manufacture and make car passionate kids' dream come true.
Is he passionate about race cars? You're at the right spot for race car bed....

Super Car Beds

Super Car Beds is one of the biggest plastic car bed manufacturers in Europe. We specialize in luxury children’s furniture...

Kids Furniture Store

Kids Furniture Store is a worldwide furniture supplier specializing in children's and youth furniture, bringing together the most innovative brands of the industry...

Akca Plywood

The basics you need to know about Plywood is that it’s a sheet material which is brought to life by combining layers of wood veneer, which are glued together...

Altan Foundry & Machinery

Our main production industry is Brick and Tile Industry Machines, our company manufactures Coal Processing Machines, Shipyard Crane Equipment and Industrial Size Ball Valves with changing market conditions..


Petguin has dedicated entirely to offering practical and affordable solutions to make your pet feel happy and safe and your life as a pet owner easier and more enjoyable.

MKS Composite

Roof And Facade Sandwich Panel Systems Sandwich Panels provide water, sound insulation and fire resistance and provide thermal insulation at different values. It is long lasting. It does not harm the environment, does not produce and does not host bacteria..

MedikaTR - Medical Products Consumables

Quality is important in medical products. The products you use are directly related to your health. For this reason, never compromise your quality expectation in medical products. delivers the products of the most distinguished brands to its users in a very short time frame...

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 230 Grider St. Buffalo, NY 14215, USA


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